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Rooms available to rent from 3 people - 20 people.

Rooms available to rent, If you are looking to rent a room for a meeting, workshop or you want to hold a surgery please contact the centre.

flexable opening times.

New conservatory and garden

New conservatory and garden area with soft playground surface available to rent!


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Achivements and projects for St Chads centre.

What Advice 4 All what we do in the community.


St Chads Centre.

Throughout the couple of years a number of changes have taken place at St Chads Centre.

Firstly, The look of the centre has been improved with painting and decorating work that took place. A new sign for the Centre was designed and fitted permanently outside the building and a new website for St Chad’s Centre has been launched, including information about the Centre, our users and what we have to offer to the community.

During the year work around the re-landscaping the garden and building a conservatory continued and finished in summer 2009. With the additional space, we are able to offer a new and enhanced facility for the public use. The facility significantly extended what the Centre has to offer to the community. The project was funded by Small Change and Waste Recycling Group (WREN).

The Centre received funding from the Church Urban Fund and Local Mission Fund from which it secured running costs for the place and enable us to continue delivering services for the community.

Advice 4 All.

Advice 4 All project opend on the 4th January 2010. The project was set up to serve the local community but we specifically targeted the Eastern European community to help them deal with issues such as, Employment, Immigration, Housing, Education, Benefits and other issues that they may have to deal with. Before the new goverment put a stop to public funding we use to offer advice and a walk in service for free untill the 28th June 2010, so due to the lack of funding we have had to put in an appointment and charging scheme so that we can carry on the service that we provide to the community. 


The charges our as follows: 
  • If you our a new client, your first 30 minutes consultation is free or charge.
  • For 15minutes advice it will cost £5.00
  • For 30 minutes advice it will cost £10.00
  • For 60minutes advice it will cost £20.00

If you need more time then what you have paid for we will try and carry on your advise session unless there our other clients booked in, so you will have to make another appointment to see the advisors.

The Centre's Users


The following groups and organisations are our current users:


Advice 4 All
Every Monday Polish Advice Session 10:00 - 15:00
Every Tuesday Czech Slovakian Advice Session 10:00 - 15:00
Every Wednesday Latvian & Russian Advice Session. 10:00 - 15:00

For Further information please contact the centre on: 01332 - 344582


Alcoholics Anonymous
Every Monday 20.00 – 21.30
For further information please contact Jez on:
Tel: 07963741724

Contact the Centre - 01332 - 604080

St Chads Life Group
Every Wednesday 19.30 to 21.00
For further information please contact Maurice on:
Tel: 01332 - 767820 or 01332 - 270837
Asian Aid - Up and running 2011